Aikido Grading

Although the actual grading system used and the syllabus is most dependant on the school in question, the outline of grading within Aikido can be viewed as follows :-

Belt ColourJapanese Grade
White (Beginners)6th Kyu
Yellow5th Kyu
Orange4th Kyu
Green3rd Kyu
Blue2nd Kyu
Brown1st Kyu
Black1st Dan (Shodan)
 2nd Dan (Nidan)
 3rd Dan (Sandan)
 4th Dan (Yondan)
 5th Dan (Godan)
 6th Dan (Rokudan)
 7th Dan (Shichidan or Nanadan)
 8th Dan (Hachidan)
 9th Dan (Kyuudan)
 10th Dan (Judan)

Kyu denotes a grade of practioner before reaching the status of black belt. These practioners will wear Aikidoji which is like the standard white unform that is used in many popular martial arts. The Hakama (which is a pair of wide pleated black or indigo trouser) is generally reserved for Black Belt practitioners

Dan denotes a grade or Rung of Black Belt, whereby the practioner has completed all of the basics and has begun their journey. The Aikido Black Belt ranking starts with 1st dan. Basically, Aikido practitioners who reached the black belt Dan degree called as Yudansha. They wear hakama with a black belt upon the Doji uniform. in order to get the Dan degree the aikido student needs to pass a Test for the specific Dan degree The first of the three Dans ranks (1st Dan to 3rd) are giving the Aikido practitioners the position of "Fuku-Shidoin" which is a level that means that the practitioner has reached to be the instructor assistant (fuku). Afterwards, When the Aikido practitioner reaches the 4th dan he gets to position of the Shidon (4th - 5th Dan) - the meaning of "shidon" is instructor and it puts the person in a position of an Aikido Teacher. When the Aikido practitioner reaches the high-level Rank of black belt with a 6th Dan he is in a position of High Level Aikido Teacher - Shihan (tranlation: master instructor). Simply, After the 4th Dan it a Sensei, after the 6th dan its a Master Sensei, the names are used in Dojos (aikido Schools) but, outside the school mostly it will be just Sensei - and his Dan rank.